Illustrated Botany for Children - Leaves

$ 27.95

See the complete set for a full description of Illustrated Botany for Children, a Montessori-style botany nomenclature. The leaf section has files for printing 13 booklets with matching cards, 16 pages of wall charts (see illustration for one page of this file), and one blank diagram for parts of the leaf.

Booklets are entitled Parts of a Leaf, Simple and Compound Leaves, Leaf Arrangement on Stems, Leaf Shapes, Leaf Margins, Leaf Venation, Leaf Apex Angle, Leaf Apex Shape, Leaf Base Angle, Leaf Base Shape, Leaf Attachments, Other Features & Specialized Leaves. The five leaf shapes in the Leaf Shapes booklet are the ones currently used by botanists. They are defined by where the widest part of the leaf blade occurs. 

For lessons that use this learning material and information for integrating it into biology study, see Life Science Lessons for the Montessori Elementary Classroom by Cynthia Brunold-Conesa. and 

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