From the Biosphere to Atoms: A Teacher's Guide to the Organization of the Living World, ebook

$ 16.95

This is a pdf of the book. You may view it on your computer or print yourself a copy. Please do not print this file for others.

This book presents a major concept framework for life science. It covers the structures of life, starting with the biosphere, and has information about 13 levels of structural organization. The levels include ecosystems, biological communities, organs and tissues, cells, and molecules. Each level has its own chapter, which gives important concepts, background information, and study and activity suggestions. The ideas in this book will help children to put atoms, molecules, and cells in perspective, as well as populations, ecosystems, and biomes. The second edition (2013) has new lessons and activities, plus updated classification information. 144 pages. 

Currently, we are sending the third revision (2020). It has updated book and website listings. 

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