Illustrated Botany for Children - Complete set

$ 59.95

  • A newly updated and colorized Montessori botany nomenclature
  • Includes booklets that illustrate the plant feature and describe it in simple language; matching cards with the name, illustration, and text on three separate cards; and a summary page ("wall chart") for each booklet that has the illustrations and labels.
  • Full set has seven sections (whole plant, roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds), 54 booklets with matching cards, and seven wall chart files.
  • Coordinates with the book, Plant Lessons: Introducing Children to Plant Form and Function
  • Each section is available separately. Email us if you would like to see one of the sections.. 
  • New up-to-date leaf shapes and other leaf description in the leaf section
  • The flower section introduces tepals, carpels, and other updated terms.
  • Includes files for printing all of the booklets, three-part matching cards, blank diagram for the parts, and wall (summary) charts
  • Design features include color borders that show the section of the card and make the cards easy to organize and sort.
  • Booklets have page numbering to aid their assembly.
  • Print this set on letter-sized paper or card stock.
  • Purchase includes rights to print for up to three classrooms in the same school. You can print replacement cards at any time.
  • Copyright by Big Picture Science and Houston Montessori Center. HMC offers a printed version.

For lessons that use this learning material and information for integrating it into biology study, see Life Science Lessons for the Montessori Elementary Classroom by Cynthia Brunold-Conesa. and 

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