Early Spring Flower Cards - file for printing

$ 8.95

The Early Spring Flower Cards help children learn the names of the flowers and inspire them to find out more about the plants, as well as to anticipate the flowers' appearance in the spring. The cards have attractive, detailed color photos that show important botanical features. The subjects of the cards include horticultural flowers, such as crocus, hyacinth, tulip, hellebore, lungwort, snowdrop, and daffodils, as well as shrubs and woodland flowers such as violets, Pieris, witch hazel, trillium, magnolia, and fawn lily. The flower cards are half-page sized (two on a letter-sized page). For each flower, there are two cards. One has only the name, and the other has other information including common name, scientific name, derivation of the scientific name, current classification, and a fact or two to inspire further research. There are four full-page cards that show the flowers of trees -- red maple, bigleaf maple, hazelnut, and white alder. These cards will help children understand the structures of non-showy tree flowers. Children will have a much easier time finding and observing tree flowers with these cards a guide. The purchaser of this electronic file may print the cards for up to three classrooms. 

When the snow is still on the ground, these beautiful photos remind us of the coming of spring.  

Set contents: two half-page cards for each of 20 flowers; 4 full-page cards for tree flowers. Total page count - 24 letter-sized pages.

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