Sorting Branches on the Tree of Life: Vertebrates and Plants - file for printing

$ 11.95

This set gives children a new way to envision the diversity of life as they learn about the clades* of the vertebrates and plants. It helps them explore the branches of life, which is an important foundation for further biology study. There are nine sorting activities, whose subjects are the vertebrates, tetrapods, amphibians, mammals, eutherian mammals, reptiles, birds, land plants, and flowering plants. Each activity has a title (heading label), sorting labels, and color photo cards of organisms. The teacher’s information includes a lesson for each activity. The photo cards that fit under each sorting label are a sample of the organisms in that clade, and they are meant to encourage further exploration and learning.  

This set comes as a print-it-yourself file. Photo cards and sorting labels:  25 pages, color printing on card stock or heavy paper (78 photo cards and the labels for the nine activities). Information for the guiding adult:  15 pages, black and white text.

*A clade is a branch on the tree of life. It includes an ancestor and all of its descendants, but no organisms that are not its descendants.

For lessons that use this learning material and information for integrating it into biology study, see Life Science Lessons for the Montessori Elementary Classroom by Cynthia Brunold-Conesa. and 

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