What Fruit Is Growing Here? - file for printing

$ 9.95

Bring fun to botany studies with this card set, which challenges children to match a flower with its fruit. After children have worked with this material, they will have a better understanding of the flower-fruit sequence and how fruits form. First, they see a detailed close-up photo of a flower, and then they try to match it to the fruit that will develop from the flower’s ovary or ovaries. There are 16 flower cards and 16 fruit cards plus 16 text cards that explain more about the species and give its lineages. The set includes lesson suggestions for teachers and resources for further study.

What Fruit Is Growing Here? is available as a digital download that you print for yourself. It requires 12 letter-size sheets of cardstock or heavy photo paper for the cards. Print the eight image pages in color and the four text pages in black and white. After they are printed, you will cut the sheets in quarters to make 4.25 X 5.5-inch cards. You will need plain paper to print the teacher’s information. There are five pages; one is a chart for fruit classification.

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