Animal Kingdom Chart

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Explore the diversity of animal life with this classification chart, which illustrates 42 animals of 11 major phyla. The phyla are arranged in order of increasing complexity from sponges on the left to chordates on the right. The animals illustrated for each phylum are examples of the major classes. Both vertebrate and invertebrate chordates are shown. This arrangement allows children to see the structure of the whole kingdom and prepares them for further study of lineages.

Children match the individual picture cards (2-7/8” x 2-3/8”) to the pictures on the laminated chart (23" x 36"). Picture cards have text on the back that describes the animal. More advanced students can focus on the characteristics of particular phyla, using the phylum description cards provided. Information is clear, current, and an excellent foundation for studying the time line of life. The chart does not need to be laminated.

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For lessons that use this learning material and information for integrating it into biology study, see Life Science Lessons for the Montessori Elementary Classroom by Cynthia Brunold-Conesa. and 

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