Kingdoms of Life Connected - colored card set

$ 7.95

This file enables you to print colored cards for the Tree-of-Life chart. These are the same images as the color cards that come with the Kingdoms of Life Connected book. Note that not all of the images are in color. The electron photomicrographs are still black and white because I did not choose to add artificial color to them. The true kingdoms - plant, animal, and fungi - and the macroscopic protists are in color, as are the cyanobacteria. Print this file on letter-sized paper. You can print both sides of the cards or you can print them single-sided and adhere the text to the back of the photos.  

NOTE: If you have purchased the ebook (printable pdf) version of Kingdoms of Life Connected, you already have this file. It is the appendix of the book. 

Printing information: All pages are letter-sized (8.5" X11"). The first two pages do not need to be printed. They give the copyright and acknowledgements for the illustrations as well as a small illustration of the Tree of Life diagram. There are nine pages of cards that are to be printed in color and nine pages of text for the back of the cards. The text can be printed in black and white, either directly on the backs of the color cards or printed separately and glued to the backs of the color cards. 

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