Wall charts - what they are and how they are used August 11 2014, 0 Comments

After we launched the new website, I realized that there was one more thing to add, the files for the wall charts for Illustrated Botany for Children. Wall charts are the summary charts that show all the illustrations and their labels. They have many uses, including helping the teacher do a quick review of the contents before deciding which lesson to give, helping children who have had the lessons review, and providing a reference for older children who have moved beyond the stage of booklets and three-part matching cards. 

The set, Illustrated Botany for Children - Wall charts only, contains the seven wall chart files, one for each section. The sections are the whole plant, roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, and seeds. The booklet content usually fits on one page, but some of the longer booklets needed two pages of wall charts. Each chart has a title that corresponds with a booklet, the illustrations from the booklet, and the labels. If the chart takes two pages, they each have the same title.

You can set these charts up in a file for children to use or display selected ones on the wall. There are too many of them - 70 pages total - to have them all on the wall. Certain ones can be rotated through a wall display as the seasons change. The woody stem in winter would be a good one to put up as the leaves are falling. The point is to direct children's attention to the real plants in their environment.

I welcome your feedback as you print and use any part of the Illustrated Botany for Children files. If you find a typo or mistake, please let me know. I will correct the problem and send you a new file at no charge. You can email me at: info (at) bigpicturescience (dot) biz.